Monday, August 27, 2012

And So It Begins...

Today I start a new chapter of my life... well I guess it kind of started a few days ago but let me start at the beginning.  After attending community college for three years and graduating with two associate degrees, I decided it was time to transfer to a University.  I had originally applied and was accepted at a state university and I was super excited because they had a great music program (for those of you who don't know I am a harpist and I'm majoring in music with an emphasis in performance and composition).  Then, I was talking to the harp professor that works at that state school (she also works at three other schools in the area).  I had told her that I was accepted.  She asked if I received any scholarships and I didn't.  So, she suggested that I apply at one of the other schools she teaches at.  Well, this said school is a private school so that mean tons of money to go there.  I told her I wouldn't be able to afford it but she said that they have lots of opportunities for scholarships.  So I applied... the night before the deadline for transfer application.  Talk about last minute.  After that I scheduled an audition for the conservatory of music... yeah they actually have a conservatory, not just a music department but a music conservatory.  :-)  I had my audition and they said they wanted me and that they would see what they could do to make it so I could go there.  Wow!  Then comes the day when the "envelope" comes in the mail telling me if I was accepted or not.  I WAS!!!! And, not only that but I had received an academic scholarship!  Plus, I received a grant from the school too!  :-)  A few weeks later, I get a call from the conservatory telling me that I received a scholarship for music too!  YAY!  But, that's not the best part... I was on campus one day submitting paperwork or some such and I passed but my orchestra conductors office.  They happened to be finalizing the budget for the year... they had some money left over and were trying to figure out where to put it.  My orchestra conductor said "I have a harpist out in the hall, lets just give it to her".  How awesome it that!  :-)  So, now I am going to a private University!!!  :-)  I still can't believe it.

This last week I had orientation.  I have been super nervous because it's a new school, new people, and a new city.  But, orientation went great and I met lots of people.  We had so much fun!  :-)  So, today I start my first day of classes at my new school!  So weird, exciting, nerve wracking,  amazing... like everything at once.  I know it's going to go great but I'm still nervous because I am starting a new chapter in my life.  And I mean really new... I'm not living with my parents anymore, I'm in a new city, and a new school.  Talk about huge new chapter!  But this year is going to be amazing!  I can't wait to see all that's in store!  :-)