Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To A Better Semester!

Hey everyone, it's been a while... like since the beginning of my first semester at CU.  How'd it go?... well, lets just say I grew a lot and learned way more than just music.  But, I can say that all the trials and hardships that I went through this semester made me a better person, and showed me just how strong I am and it made me even stronger than I was before.

There were some good things from last semester too.  I was able to prove to my harp teacher and orchestra conductor that I did have the skill level to perform one of the orchestra pieces... Tzigane by Ravel (it has one of the hardest harp cadenzas ever written).  I was able to make good friends with one person... Nicchi.  We had a lot of fun last semester cooking, studying, and our twice a week lunch before our history class.  She really helped me through my semester.  I was also able to pass all of my piano proficiency in one semester!  :-)  Oh, and I started learning French (J'apprend le francais.  Je joue le harp.  J'aime la musique.).  :-D

But enough about last year, I am about to start my second semester at CU and I am determined to make it a better semester and a better year.  I am already starting out the semester better because I found a new roommate... (the last place/roommates were pretty horrible).  The place is in a much better area of the city, and I'll have my own room... which I recommend for anyone in college, it can make all the difference in your college experience.  :-P  Oh, an my new roommate is awesome!  She is super sweet and we hit it off really well.  Our other two roommates are my roommates two guinea pigs, Fabio and Luigi.  :-)  I think that we are going to have a lot of fun this semester but it might get a bit confusing at times considering how close our names are... mine being Lauren and her's being Laura.  LOL

I have a few goals for this semester and for the rest of my time at CU.  I am determined to be a better, more dedicated student and musician and to blow my teachers away.  I have also told myself that I am done with all the drama that goes on at school... I am there to learn and to grow and all the drama just inhibits that.  I am also going to get along with and trust my teachers advice more.  :-)

My biggest goal is to try and remain stress free as I have about 11 classes this semester... but only about 15-16 units.  It's still very demanding.  But, I am super excited because I have three classes besides my music classes that I can meet people outside of the music department.  Those classes are French 2, Cross Training/Flexibility, and Ultimate Frisbee.  :-)

On a non school note... I'd like you to meet my families newest furry family member.  Her name is Penelope. She's eight weeks old and only weighs two and a half pounds.

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