Monday, February 20, 2012

Hand Woven Whimsy

A few years ago, I made a magic ball.... which you do by taking yarns of different texture and similar color, cutting them and then tying them together, and winding a ball.  I made one with different oranges and blacks, but I could never figure out what to make with it until my mom pulled out the loom one day.  I wove a strip of fabric with it to make a bag... well, I wove the fabric but then it got put in some container and sat in our craft room for another couple of years.  Last week, I decided I needed to finish some projects and while going through some stuff, found my fabric.  I also found two wide ribbons to use for the handles/sides.  The finished project... finally... is this...

It looked a little plain, so I picked out a few buttons and made this pin to go on my bag.  :-)

After many years, I have a very cute, whimsical bag!  :-)

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  1. I LOVE your new blog! It's so pretty! Great post too. Your bag turned out so cute!


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