Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tahquitz Hike

Our Hike up to Tahquitz...

In the parking lot getting ready to go...

On the way up, my dad and I found the perfect lounge spot to look at the view.

This was our view... Suicide Rock across the way.  We just hiked to the top of Suicide Rock just a few months prior.

I just loved the shape of this tree.

I found a piece of bark that looked like a mask.

My wonderful parents!

The designs in this fallen tree were so cool.

I found this piece of wood that had bug trails all through it... it was the most I had ever seen in one small piece.

There were these little clumps of lichen like this everywhere and they were the brightest lime green.

We finally made it up to Tahquitz Rock and it was huge!  It was fun to watch the various rock climbers on the different faces.  I'd like to climb part of it someday.  :-) 

We were sitting watching the climbers for a while and I noticed the socks my dad was wearing.  I gave him these for Christmas a couple of years ago... he calls them his roaming gnome socks.  :-)

Back down in the parking lot, during our lunch, we saw these planes fly over.  They were to remember the fallen fire fighters that were from the local town that died fighting one of the wild fires a few years ago.

It was a great hike, and I definitely recommend doing it sometime.  :-)

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