Monday, February 27, 2012

Rock n' Roll Flowers

A few weeks ago, I was watching the Nate Show.  He had a guest on that had made flowers out of brown paper bags and she put them on and around her fireplace which you can see below.

Picture from A Place for Us.

I loved them so much, that I decided I wanted to make some for my room.  But, being a music person, I decided I wanted to make mine out of old sheet music.  :-)  I found this book of rock n' roll music in an antique store for $4.50.  Such a deal!

I found the tutorial to make these flowers on the blog, "A Place for Us", which you can access by clicking here

I started by making a template out of a paper bag, so I could get just the right shape.  Below is a picture of my templates for my big flower.

After I made my template, I traced it onto my music and began cutting.  After I got my petals cut out, I folded each one in half.

Then, I layered them with the biggest petals on the bottom and the smaller ones on the top.  As I layered them, I glued the petals together.  Below is the first one I made... and the largest one I made.  It is about 18 inches across.

I didn't like the way the center of the flowers looked when I was done, so I decided to add a little bling.  I glued a giant rhinestone to the middle of all of my flowers.

I made one big one (18 inches across), two medium ones (15 inches across), and two small ones (12 inches across).  I then arranged them on my wall around a mirror.  I love it!


  1. I loved these with the brown paper but your idea of making them with old music is awesome! And, the extra touch of bling in the centers is perfect. They're so pretty!

    I can't wait to try making some and experimenting with different colors of paper or even pages from an old book.

    Great job! :-)

  2. They turned out beautifully! I loved that you used music instead of the brown paper bags, it's so creative, and so perfect for a musician! I am definitely going to add these to my to-do list!

    <3 and harp strings,


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